Sausage making at it’s best! Making your own sausage. I’ll tell you now that you will never go back to the grocer to purchase sausage again. Once you start making your own sausage and find out how

Our Plains Indians

Our Plains Indians

easy it really is you will never want to buy commercial made sausage.

Using a quality sausage making meat grinder and with good sausage making supplies to work with ,you, will have control over the quality and the meat and spices used in the sausage. No more of these weird named ingredients that takes a chemicle degree to decipher.

Advantages of having a meat grinder

The advantage of having your own sausage making meat grinder is, of course, making your own sausage and grinding hamburger and chili meat. Make healthy choices with ground turkey and chicken using your own

Wonderful home made smoked sausages, with just the right special recipe

Wonderful home made smoked sausages, with just the right special recipe

equipment and ingredients. Saving money on the food bill is always a plus along with eating more healthy foods.

Today I am going to give a breif review of a couple of grinders and equipment needed to grind and make your own sausage.

This little machine looks like a power house! 3000Watts of Peak Output Power, 600 Watts of no load power, and between 800 Watts and 1200 Watts of Power under a grinding load. Man, talk about power. This machine also has 3 speeds, 3 cutting blades,3 grinding plates, Kubbe Attachment and Sausage Stuffing Tubes. Just the setup for home sausage making.

This unit come standard with size No. 12 Grinding Head, the Big Boy here, not this puney little No. 8 or No.5 like most home kitchen machines. And the blades are stainless steel and the grinding head is made of 100% polished Food Grade Cast Aluminum( Not Coated)

The STX 3000 has sold over 80,000 units in the last 7 years. Got to be pretty good for this kind of sales.

By W.C. White–This is a great product. It surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend it for any home use. Have fun in the kitchen.

By Santo Costa–I have used a hand grinder for the past 60+ years, to make 100lbs of sausage 2 times a year to be shared with all the family.

I have had at least 3 other electric grinders that could not handle that much meat, all at one time. This new grinder did an outstanding job, and did it in less than half the time.

By Laura Cusumano–I wish I’d purchased this grinder 10 years ago. I’ve been grinding my own meat for 40 years and never would spend a little more to get a quality grinder. Well my cheap one finally gave out and after I purchased this one I am first realizing what a difficult time I’d been having with the amateurish one I’d used for so long! Highly recommended and priced well.

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

By Kathy Widmer–I you want to grind a small amount on an occasional basis it will probably work for you. If you have ever used a “real” meat grinder you won’t be happy with this grinder. The best I can say is that it is better than a hand grinder, but not by much.

By Daily Walker–We purchased this product to grind up chicken necks for dog food. We do 30 pound batches and our old grinder was on its last legs after years of service. This grinder had more power and good reviews for dog food so we purchased it. The first time we used it it froze up after a few chicken necks. We messed around with it for a while but it kept freezing up. We went back to our old grinder and finished the batch. I called customer service and they were very helpful and recommended that we use the largest grinding plate. We had used the medium plate because it was the size of the plate on our old grinder. The next time we did a batch we tried it again following their suggestions and even with the larger plate it kept freezing up.
We gave up on this product it just doesn’t handle chicken necks like our old, cheaper grinder.

Ok here are 2 for and 2 against. But on Amazon I think there 321 reviews, so, check some more out before you turn loose of any of your money.


Now here is a Waring model No. 105
This Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder lets you make your own sausage and ground meats, using fresh, top-quality ingredients you choose yourself. The sturdy die-cast metal hopper and powerful 500-peak input watt motor let you achieve professional results right at home. Fine, medium and coarse cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments give you plenty of options. And a single on/off toggle switch with a handy reverse function makes operation as simple as it gets. Comes with a limited five year motor warranty.

This is a pretty good machine and is handy around the kitchen for any grinding job. Check out Amazon reviews here and also look at some of the supplies for your sausage making fun. Amazon has a complete line of sausage supplies, including pre mixed spices, casings, and several books on sausage making, meat curing, and recipes to choose from.

Have fun with your sausage making. With this equipment make 10 pounds for a couple day’s use or 100 pounds for future use. Clean up is easy and grinding is fast and easy.

Hey. Along with these couple of meat grinders I am going to write a short review on a book I bought.  This book is HOME SAUSAGE MAKING by Susan Mahnke Peery & Charles G. Reavis. 3Rd edition.
How-to Techniques for Making and Enjoying 100 Sausages at Home.  A very good how to book. Remember, though, this is not written like Agatha Christie’s, Hercule Poirot, or Angela Lansbury’s, Murder She Wrote.

This book is a very, very good How To Book with explicit detail and accompanying sketches and drawings.

The book is good but I have to say that it is written like a novel because it does become pretty long and a little tedious at times. I found it a Little hard to keep reading. Informative and a great reference guide. And the recipes! 100 recipes of sausages from across the world and a lot of them are old world favorites.

Part one of this 274 page How to Book is The Techniques used in making and cooking sausages. Yes this book even tells us how the best way to cook some of your fantastic creations. Part one also goes over the equipment and ingredients to use.  After you follow this guide and get a little experience grinding and making your own sausages then naturally you will want to addjust techniques and recipes to fit your own needs.  This book, like I have said, is a guide.  Use it to learn with and then set it aside as your reference guide.

Part 2—Sausages.

Pork, Beef, Lamb, Game, Combination, you name it. Hey for the vegetarian. There is even recipes and how to in making your own vegetarian sausages, isn’t that great. Information today for those who like vegetarian meals and without all those preservatives and ODD chemicals added “FOR OUR PROTECTION?” Brought to you by our beloved BIG BROTHER!

Back to the Part 3 of this book.

Cooking With Sausages.

OK! Talk about family morning tradition. Two eggs over easy with a side of sausage.

Patty or link, the sausage, is as versatile as the egg for breakfast or brunch. The recipes in this article combine sausages with eggs in omelets, starring in quiches, mixes in pancakes ,and, don’t forget about suppertime.  The meals you can make with sausage is virtually endless.  Sausage is one of those meats that go with almost any dish or cooked in a slow cooker or in cassarols.  There are so many sausage recipes from around the world that you just can’t name them all. 

Show off your sausage making skills with your very own combinations of herbs and spices at a weekend brunch with all your family and friends. They will be thoroughly impressed with your new skills in sausage making and new cooking techniques.  Through some of those home made “bangers” on the grill and listen to your friends and family rave about them.

The recipes here in Part 3 are simply endless. How about Norwegian Omelet, or Sausage Omelet, a recipe for Hollandaise Sauce, Sausages and Apple Pancake Roll-ups. Let your imagination go. Like I said, the recipes are endless here.


The Appendix includes conversions of measurements. Actually I don’t see why we even have Metric here. This is America and we use our own standerd weights and measures, we are NOT EUROPE and why does our beloved BIG BROTHER think we need to be? The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA says it all—WE ARE NUMBER O N E. Not number 2 after Europe. BIG BROTHER needs to rethink his position.

Sorry, Sorry, I get a little carried away, I guess I am still a little old fashion, I still love America, especially TEXAS.

But any way we have resources and an Index here as well.

Honestly, for a how to book I don’t think you can beat it. I love mine and I love these new recipes.

Good luck with your sausage making and have some fun with your new recipes. And remember: you know what you put into the sausage you make–not like BIG BROTHER and his mystery ingredients for our “safety and protection”?

Let me know what you think of my review and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blogs on the subject of THE BEST OF SAUSAGES. USA, LLC

Good luck in your sausage making.

 Have a Great day Frank

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