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Frank and Ginny at the family reunion

Frank and Ginny at the family reunion


Bushnell, Wildgame innovations Trail Camera and the Moultrie No Glo Game Camera are all Wild Game Cameras made for the Outdoors man and nature enthusiast.


These infrared game cameras are used both day and night. The cameras are battery operated and operate on a movement sensor. Some of these take video as well as still pictures in High Deff. Great resolution with 8 and 10 pixels, with no glo flash and no sound from camera operation. Compact, light weight and camouflage makes these cameras almost invisible to wild game.


Set this camera up just before your hog or deer hunt and monitor your game activity around your feeder before your hunt starts. Battery lasts about a year and is set up to use a photo cell to recharge the batteries. Of course—BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED—can you imagine. There are some extras you can order with your camera. At a cost of around 125 on up a man can spend just about as much as he wanted to. But hey! At a cost of 150 a guy aint spending that much for a wild game camera. Hey, pick out that trophy buck before the season starts. You will have an edge on the rest of your buddies because you have been monitoring the deer movements before the season begins. If you haven’t used one of these cameras before you ought to try one out. You would be amazed at the activity you don’t see when you aren’t there. Especially at night.



Track your prey with the Bushnell digital game camera. This Bushnell game camera is loaded with features and is made to withstand extreme temperatures.

Bushnell Digital Game Camera, 2012 Trophy HD 8MP, Realtree AP Camo:–$185.25

8-megapixel resolution
Day/night auto sensor
Adjustable PIR or auto PIR
0.6-second trigger speed
Programmable trigger interval: 1 second to 60 minutes
Programmable Field Scan time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals of 1 to 60 minutes
Temperature range: -5 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
PIR sensor is motion activated to 45 feet
Bushnell HD camera operates for up to one year on a set of batteries
Adjustable web belt
SD card slot
Bushnell digital game camera model #119447C
Note: Memory card is not included. Purchase of an additional memory card is highly recommended.

The screen on the infrared flash masks the tell-tale glow nicely. Night-vision images look good. For the price, this camera is definitely a decent buy.


Take your hunting trips to a new level with the 8MP Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera. The camera features a 60PC high-intensity LED along with invisible array technology, making it a superior option for outdoor use. It also has infrared flash capabilities to catch images in low-light conditions. The front of the Elite Lights-Out Digital Game Camera features a camouflage design that helps it blend into the surroundings.
Wildgame Innovations Elite Lights-Out 8MP Trail Cam:

Lee and Tiffany 8 MP trail cam
Wi-fi digital trail camera features a 60PC high intensity LED
Real tree camouflage will make it invisible to wildlife
Wi-fi Trail Camera has infrared flash capabilities

All of these cameras are priced close together. But you can shop around and pay more or a little less depending on your taste and budget. Remember. For around 150 you aren’t really spending a lot of money for a motion sensor infrared wild game camera.

All of the reviews I saw were favorable but I did see some in the 3 and 4 range. I am sure there were some objections or problems with each of these products, so I encourage you to shop around. Don’t take my word for it. Look around and pick up one in your price range and take it out and have fun with it. These seem to be quality cameras and backed by a pretty good warranty. Think of the possibilities. A guy can set one of these cameras up any where, really! Back yard to monitor the pet or maybe the kids. Lots of possibilities. Set it up and have fun with it. Enjoy your camera and let me know what you think at frank@thebestofsausage.com

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