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I find it quite interesting that blood sausage was made and eaten as far back as 850BC. Homer wrote about the love of grilled

sausages in the Odyssey.

The Roman army wouldn’t march without their little bottles of garum(a kind of fish sauce like the kind

made in Thailand) and strings of dried and smoked sausages.  Even the Romans loved their little sausages.

Sausage with garum was the food of choice for the Roman Centurin

Sausage with garum was the food of choice for the Roman Centurin

A cook book compiled around the 5th century and attributed to Apicius,( believed, to have been a Roman gourmet), has a recipe

of a small sausage containing blood, pine nuts, onion, hard boiled egg and leek. The Romans shared their taste for blood

pudding and other foods with every nation they conquered and all across Europe the recipes were adjusted to each region with

their own version of blood pudding and sausages. Blutwurst in Germany, blodpudding in Sweden and so on.

During the Medieval period in Eruope, sausage making blossomed and started to rapidly spread throughout region after region.

The spice trade brought exotic seasonings and different types of cooking to small populated communities and farm steads.

Vienna, Bologna, Frankfurt lent their names to some of the great sausages we still enjoy today.

The Romans in ancient times loved their alcohol. A sweet drink the Roman Soldiers were quite fond of was called Mulsum (Honeyed

Wine) that they brought to public places with them and really enjoyed the drink in the Public Baths. A simple mixture of honey

and red wine.

Dressed in their refinements and ready for their campaigns

Dressed in their refinements and ready for their campaigns

An ancient Roman Sausage Recipe called Lucanian was one of their favorites. Lucanian is still made today but a little

different recipe from Roman times. This is how they made Lucanian in Roman times from Nova.

The recipe calls for grinding pepper with cumin, savory, rue, parsley, condiments, bay berries and garum. Finely grind up the

meat and mix together and grind again. Mix with garum, peppercorns and plenty of fat and pine nuts; stuff in casings and then

smoke the sausages.

Just a couple of recipes I thought you would be interested in.


Probably around 200BC The Romans brought this sausage back from one of their campaigns in Lucania, located in Southern ItalyRoman Gladiators


With the German influence in this country October has become National Sausage Month. And no wonder. The German sausages have

become popular through out the US.

Here in my great state of Texas we have OktoberFest, and WurstFest. Two of the Nationally known festivals here in Texas that

draw numerous people from around the world. Thousands of pounds of sausage and hundreds of gallons of beer are served each year

at these events.


Our Native Indians were keen on preserving their buffalo and deer, rabbit, turkey, and antelope. They learned to dry meats and



fruits and make a form of sausage called Pemmican.

Pemmican primarily was made from lean meat dried and pounded into an almost powder like consistency. Sometimes using dried

cranberry, choke berry or some other dried fruit or berry to mix with the meat. After pounding, fat was mixed in and then the

whole mixture was stored in animal skins for future use.

Roman Centurions 31 BC


Some of the most famous books today will teach you start to finish how to make almost any kind of sausage, dried or cured meat.

We have recipes to make Indian style Pemmican, Jerky, dried and smoked meat and fish. A vegetarian sausage recipe is included

in almost every book on sausages.

Please don’t think making sausages is only for the outdoor man or hunter. Sausage is so easy and inexpensive to make. You can

make as little as a couple pounds for your own use or several pounds and smoke or dry it.

After a few pounds of sausage and a little hands on experience, start to experiment with different spices and herbs. Make your

[amazon asin= own recipe and impress friends and family with your master pieces.

Have a great time with your sausage making and please let us know how your recipes turn out.

Any questions or comments please contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page at: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/macey321

or email me at: frank@thebestofsausage.com

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed it.


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Fredericksburg Texas

Oompah-Oompah—German music, food and drink with plenty of arts and crafts, areas for the kids and family fun galore!

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

You can’t but love Fredericksburg, especially, during Oktoberfest in the first week of October every year. To remember your time there, pick up a couple of Octoberfest glass beer mugs for the family and friends for sovenirs. Oktoberfest is a celebration of Texas’ German heritage here in Fredericksburg.  A community event featuring live Oompah music, arts and crafts, and some of the finest German, Mexican and Cajun food from around the country.

Octoberfest glass beer mugs--Full!

Octoberfest glass beer mugs–Full!


Featuring different beers from the Best of Texas. Here just to name a few: Convict Hill Oatmeal Stout, Franconia Oktoberfest, Independence Austin Amber, Pedernales Lobo Negro, Shiner Oktoberfest, Shiner Wild Hare are just a very few home grown beers in the area. With Octoberfest glass beer mugs you can go from booth to booth and sample the different brands, with your own mug!


Don’t worry about food at Fredricksburg. There is tons to eat. Save your appetite and sample the many different cuisines available. Try German: Bratwurst, Curry wurst, Dutchman Burger, German Kraut salad, German Taco, Hot Bavarian Pretzels: Cajun: Boudin, Chicken/Sausage gumbo, Craw fish & Pork sausage/pita, Shrimp gumbo:  Good old American Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Baked Potatoes, Corn Dogs, and many, many more delights to choose from. Believe me, if you go hungry here, it is not because there isn’t anything to eat, because there is tons of food here.  Way to many things to name here.  You just have to get here and start sampling.

Great German smoked sausage, you just can't beat - um

Great German smoked sausage, you just can’t beat – um


German food, Oompah music, Polka dances, German heritage and the very famous German Sausages are
celebrated each year in October across our great state of Texas. Peoples from around the world come to enjoy the fun and family festivities at the different locations for Octoberfest. Polka bands come from Germany just to compete and play at New Braunfels WurstFest every year.


. German sausage is world renown and in the US alone for all sausages consumed we average 6 BILLION POUNDS of sausage a year. Dinner sausage sales account alone for $1.89 BILLION DOLLARS a year in sales. WOW! Talk about an industry!! I love sausage and love to make it  but I had no idea there was so much sausage consumed in the USA every year.

Some German favorites

German meats and sausages just cannot be beat–Try um out!!

Check the rest of my site and please let me know what you think and any ideas you might have. By for now, happy sausage making, Frank

Summer Days In Central Texas

Summer Days In Central Texas

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