Why would I ever need to have an OUTDOOR DEEP TURKEY FRYER?

Do you have family and friends over for the weekend or on Holidays?

You could be the Talk Of The Town one weekend hosting a LOUSIANA CAJON FEAST.

Just think. With an OUT DOOR DEEP TURKEY FRYER you use it also as a steamer. Steam all your Crawdads(Lousiana MudBugs). Throw the rest of the vegetables in to steam. We use Garlic(whole garlic),Lemons, cauliflower, carrots, onions, red potatoes, cajon sausage, hot dogs for the kids, corn on the cob, large Gulf fresh shrimp and plenty of cajon spices and lots of cayenne pepper for a little extra taste.

Now after the appetizer we fire up the charcoal grill for alligator Shis K Bobs and a little home made etouffee. Get a whole 29 lb Ribeye Bonless Roast and cut 2 inch thick stakes and throw them on the grill and pull um off at about medium rare and smother um with your home made Etourree.

Be your own boss, fill that pot up. These fryers are something to really enjoy and have fun with. Clean up is easy. When you serve your feast, lay out a couple of folding tables covered with plent of New York News papers and spread everything on the table and call out—C O M E AND G E T I T!!!!! Frinds and family will brag about you for months. Like I said, you will be the TALK OF THE TOWN.
Put it together?? No big deal! Easy as pie. You only have a couple of connections to make and you are ready to go. Hoses are connected to the burner, Cooking Kit has the stock pot, basket, thermometer lid for the pot. The only thing you need is an open space and gas to hook up to the burner. Get the gas from your local Propane Supplier. He will be glad to help out with any other questions you might have.
Check out the reviews below and click on some of the links or pictures for a wide variety of styles.

The finest Cajon cook and story teller in Louisana.

The finest Cajon cook and story teller in Louisana.


Bayou Classic can easely be used for your 4 gallon out door deep fish fryer. This little fryer is propane fired and great for patio or back yard. Easy to set up, move around, and clean up. Bring that cat fish and start the fish fry or through in a turkey whole for frying in about 45 minutes. This fryer will even fry up a country ham or a nice leg of lamb.

Of course if you are into rattle snake hunting, well, this fryer can turn those babies into a delectible week end feast in a hurry. Rattle Snake hunts and Rattle Snake Fry are popular around Central Texas Carnivals every year. They catch um, milk um and then the final event—WE EAT UM!! Taylor Texas Jaycees have their Annual Rattle Snake Roundup in April every year and you ought to see how they handle these Snakes. Check out this link to see some of the Highlights of the Taylor Texas Rattle Snake Roundup:


The Bayou Outdoor Deep Fat Fryer(uh oh, I mean Vegetable Oil fryer, Geeeeeess what in the world are these Left Wing Liberals going to think up next)any way this baby comes with 2 stainless steel baskets for easy frying and handling. WOW! Double duty. Chicken on the left and fries on the right. COME AND GET IT!!

Follow this Bayou link to more Outdoor Deep Turkey Fryer.

Bayou Classic 4 Gallon Bayou Fryer with 2 Stainless Baskets

After a great night of running your trot lines and bring home your catch you are ready for the fish fry. With 2 baskets and 4 gallons of cooking oil it will not take long before you are serving up fried cat fish. That weekend fish fry with fried cat fish, french fries, home made coal slaw, and that keg of the finest Texas beer around.

The Finest Beer of Texas

The Finest Beer of Texas

With this fryer and friends and family around THE WEEK END IS ON. Dallas Cow Boys and Sunday Foot ball.

Let your imagination run wild. You can cook almost anything in this 4 gallon fryer. Turkey, chicken, fish, chicken fried steak almost anything, Oh yah, Diamond Back Rattle Snake PO Boys, German Potatoe Salad, and Red Cabbage. Oooooooh Sonnnnnnnn! Can’t beat Mama’s cooking and that Famous Southern Hospitality.


There has only been 2 reviews on the Bayou and both of them have been 5 star. The only regret is one was sorry he didn’t get the 9 gallon. I haven’t found any negative reviews so far.

I haven’t owned one of these models but I have used the propane turkey fryer and I love them. Same here, you can fry anything. Try frying a whole ham—–WOW—AMAZING!!! If you’ve never tried frying turkey or ham you are missing out. The frying locks in the internal juices and cooking is a fraction of the time it takes in the oven. What about Turkey dinner for Christmas Day, cooked in 45 minutes instead of all day long in the kitchen. 45 minutes opposed to about an hour per pound for a turkey, or same for the country style Ham, or through in a nice Leg of Lamb.




This thing is a little pricey at 332.00 but hey, when you have a group of guys over for the super bowl you don’t want to be tied down to cooking all day, do you? And look. FREE SHIPPING! Saved a bundle there at 70 pounds shipping weight. This store is even going to let you go without any payments or interest charges if you pay it off in 6 months, man you can’t beat that.

Look at the quality! Bayou Classic is still leading the pack in cooking equipment. They still lead the out door industry in turkey fryers, stockpots, grills and even the most sought after cast iron cookware. These guys are leaders and they know quality.

The Bayou Classic is built out of solid steel and is a surdy free-standing unit. Their idea of a V bottom basket help keep oil clean longer, which gives you more frying time between oil changes. This baby has 2 fry carts and comes with it’s own temperature gauge. Man! Some one had their thinking cap on here. Drain Valve. No more having to tip over the pot to drain the oil. This one has it’s own drain valve to make changing oil ten times easier. One more item needed is a 10 PSI regulator with stainless steel braided hose. Exactly what you need to connect to your propane bottle, and at no extra cost. They give it to you.

Go ahead guy’s, click on the picture check this thing out. Don’t take my word for it, check it out and tell me what you think.

I’ll do another review for you here.

Hey guy’s now here is what I am talking about. This is what I am used to frying in. True, it, is a little awkward to fry a lot of fish in. I like the Bayou Classic for frying lots of cat fish. But look at this Barbour International 32 quart kit. This is still made by Bayou Classic but a different design. Same quality and craft man ship.


At 32 quarts this stockpot will cook up a turkey in 45 minutes. WOW! Mama put our turkey in the oven on low heat and cooked it in an HEB bag all night long, and you are telling me you can cook a turkey in 45 minutes. NO WAY! YES WAY! I know. I’ve done it. No comparison turkey turned out great. No more roasting for me. Since we are talking about frying time let me tell you about the skewer set that changes the stockpot into a “gourmet chicken fryer”. Yea. This thing turns you into a gourmet cook frying up to 3 chickens in only 20 minutes. WOW, do you remember the mess Mama had frying up Sunday Fried Chicken on the stove? No more with this kit. It’s Big, it’s Bad, and it will fry anything you can get in it. The basket that comes with this unit will stand off the bottom giving you a steamer for seafood, dozen ears of corn on the cob, clams, or craw fish. Neat, huh?


OK. What do you get for 129.00? Lets see.

1. 32Qt stainless steel stockpot

2. Vented lid

3. Perforated steam/boil basket

4. 3-piece detachable skewer set

5. 12” thermometer 50-750 degrees Fahrenheit( no metrics or Celsius here, only good American Fahrenheit)

6. We have a 1 oz trial seasoning injector

I don’t see why they are giving you a trial injector. For this price there shouldn’t be a trial. And another thing. Where is the propane stove? This was another detractor I didn’t like. Why couldn’t they put every thing in one package? One stop shopping.

But hey. If you have one, then you don’t need one.

But any way check out my little reviews and let met know what you think email me at frank@thebestofsausage.com

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