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Who started making sausage and why?

Sausage making goes back over a thousand years. When there was plenty of food people started to devise a way to cure the meat and fruits so they would last longer with less spoilage. In times that were a little lean they could fall back on their sausages and cured meats.

This little video is on how to make venison sausage. Starts with how to grind your meat and season to use to making the links and cooking on the grill.
The video is a little long at 13 minutes, but this video has a lot of information on how to make your own sausage at home. I think you will like it.


One of the ways of preserving meat was to make sausage, salt it heavily,  smoke and dry their catch. The discovery of salt was a miracle spice for preserving meat and the introduction of the spices from Asia and the East Indies completely changed meat
and fruit preservation for ever.

In every area of the country sausages are made differently. Different meats are used and some spices in one area were not used in a different area of the country.


Goes well with any sausage

Wild Turkey Sausage is one of my favorites



The plains Indians here in Texas depended greatly on the Buffalo, deer and antelope. They learned quickly how to preserve and cure their meat for future use. They made jerky out of their deer and buffalo and dried their fish to make it last longer.


Our Plains Indians

Our Plains Indians

In my great state of Texas we are rated No. 1 in the beef industry and Nebraska No. 2

Texas is 18th nationally in number of pigs produced. The show pig industry in Texas is very popular with over 48,000 hogs raised each year for show.

Poultry and egg production. We are ranked 6th in the nation.

These are just a few statistics. In regional areas of the country there may be more beef, or more lamb or hogs raised. This has a lot to do with what types of sausage is made, and the varying mixes of spices and recipes.


Sausage can be prepared several ways. Smoking your links, frying pan sausage, boiling, baking and summer sausage are favorites. But how about in a casserole, soup or on a Rubin or “sausage wrap”, on bread or flour tortilla?


Try toasted rye bread, sliced kielbasa(of course your own creation), sauerkraut and thousand island dressing. Great Rubin, you will love it.


Best Crawfish boil in town--Cajon Hot and ready

Best Crawfish boil in town–Cajon Hot and ready


This little guy is 4 years old playing the accordion and signing “Jambalaya, crawfish pie, and a feela gumbo” with Hank Williams Jr. Listen to him sing, you will love it.

Cajon foods from Louisiana

. How about Andouille?

You already have made your Andouille and we are going to use it in a Jambalaya, Cajon, style. If you don’t have any Andouille on hand use a favorite brand from your local grocer.

1 cup onion, chopped

1 cup green pepper, chopped

2 cloves

garlic,  minced

2 Tbsp. olive oil

add your andouille sliced

1 can (14.5 ounces) diced tomatoes w/green chilies

1 can (14.5 ounces) stewed tomatoes

1 cup water

3/4 cup long grain white rice

Bratwurst and Cabbage

Ok, in this recipe, use about 5 or 6 cups of cabbage

Use  1 cup diced onion


your favorite bratwurst(home-made of course)

cook about 4 cups of noodles and

salt and pepper to taste

adjust this recipe as you like, to your taste and experiment with it

These recipes are adjustable, don’t be bashful, this is half the fun in making sausage and creating your favorite mix of ingredients and designing your own masterpieces.


The Brits Love-Um

The Brits Love-Um

British sausage called Bangers.

Here is an interesting story about Bangers and how they got their name. Follow this link.

Bangers and mash. Mashed potatoes and sausage.

Bangers and eggs. Sausage and eggs

The Brits love their sausage, and in each community they have their favorites that are made locally.

We have um here in the States, try them out. Beef, pork, beef-pork mixed. They are great.



Sausage can be made out of almost any kind of meat, chicken, turkey, and I have heard of fish. Haven’t ever tried any fish sausage before, but, I guess it can be done. I don’t know.

Lamb and mutton.

I live in Central Texas and we just do not eat much lamb.

Lamb and Mutton for sausage
Lamb and Mutton for sausage

My father-in-law is a World War ll veteran and tells me the military couldn’t get enough beef, so, they used mutton and he cannot to this day stand mutton or lamb. I think for a lot of the World War ll vets, there might be the same sentiment. I have eaten BBQ lamb ribs a couple of times and really didn’t care for it that much.


Wild game, especially wild boar, javalina and deer are a little “game-y” but if prepared properly you can take out most of the “game-y” taste. Here in Texas with wild game hunts we learn at an early age how to take care of game and how to cure and smoke our catch.

There is no better satisfaction than processing sausage after a successful wild boar or deer hunt. Personally, I think there isn’t any better sausage made. Try making summer sausage sometimes. You just can not beat the flavor of a good deer or wild boar summer sausage.

Wild Javelina Hogs in Texas--Great Sausage

Wild Javelina Hogs in Texas–Great Sausage

Spices for my Golden Recipes

Spices for my Golden Recipes

Different meats and sausages call for different spices, and mixes.

Pork is traditionally used for breakfast and chorizo sausage. Beef and pork mixed a lot of times is used for link sausage for smoking, and sometimes for kielbasa recipes. Don’t forget beef for the English Bangers.


Middle Eastern Countries

In middle-eastern recipes sausages are made of lamb and goat, For the  health conscious,  you can still,  enjoy sausages that are made from chicken and turkey.  Very lean and reduced amounts of fat.  But even here we are not sacrificing good quality sausages and wonderful flavor.

Spices for sausage recipes very greatly around the country. You can go on-line and order very fresh and good quality spices at a great saving.  Don’t buy spices in the supermarket in those little cans.  Buy in bulk and save.  You can buy pre-mix or buy ground spices and mix yourself.

Salt-Got to Have Good Quality Salt

Gotta have salt, but, there are several different kinds and grades. Use a salt with no chemicals, like pickling salt.  It is fine and desolves well and has no preservatives added.


Use a fine grind black or white fresh pepper. Fine grind mixes well with your sausage.


Use regular baking sugar. Nothing better and need not be fancy.

Chile Pepper

Several recipes call for chile pepper.  Unless the recipe calls for something else, cayenne is good and mixes well and has a consistent flavor from one mix to another.


I use the rubbed variety for most of my breakfast sausages.


Buy the cracked variety of fennel for your Italian recipes.  Fennel gives the Italian sausage that special flavor.


Mace has a milder nutmeg flavor and used in most wieners and bratwurst recipes.


Used in many recipes. Coriander is made from the seed of the cilantro plant,but,has a lot stronger flavor than the leaves.


Cumin is used in a lot of Mexican and Asian sausage recipes.  Cumin has a very robust flavor and you can taste the difference from Chile and curry powders.

Garlic and Onion

Good quality granulated garlic and onion are easy to measure and mix well with yur ground meat and other spices.

These two spices will lose their flavor after about two months in the freezer, so plan accordingly for your freezer storage.


We use the dried ground root of the plant.  But in our area if you want fresh, our local supermarkets carry the fresh root all the time.  Some people still think the best is fresh and from the Far East.  Ginger is an important spice in making salami and bratwurst,and other sausage recipes.

Mix and match some of the spices,and don’t forget about the herb garden.  Herbs are fantastic spices to add to your favorite recipe.  Some of the fun is making your own mixtures for your favorite sausage.

Hange your "shingle" out and invite the neighbors, football season is here

Hange your “shingle” out and invite the neighbors, football season is here

These are just a few of the many spices out there so by all means experiment with different flavors of spices.  Be inventive and have fun making your special sausage.

If you would like to share some recipes or leave some comments, we would love to hear from you any time. Post your comments and recipes below.

Thanks for visiting my site and come back soon…………….Frank

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