Hello.  Frank Atkinson here and I have been doing reviews on a couple of items in the past and I thought I would try

Summer days in Central Texas

Summer days in Central Texas

something on Sausage. Sausage? Why in the world would anybody want to do an article on Sausage?

I was setting outside under my shade tree with my morning coffee and watching my garden grow. My wife comes out and hollers out “come and get it”. Well what is for breakfast? Sausage, fresh eggs, home made bisquits and flap jacks. WoW. Was I ever ready.

Well I was thinking. I make my own Susage. I make deer sausage, pan sausage with pork and beef for breakfast, and hot link sausage. But I really never new who came up with the recipe. I got mine from family, past down from generation to generation, so I started resurching(after breakfast of course).

I have come up with some interesting information. I think I am going to do a review. A lot of people would be interested in knowing some of the processes in making Sausage, where the idea came from and how different people in different countries make and prepare Sausage.

This is a family fun time experience for all in the family. Every one gets hands on experience.

Sausage has been around for over a thousand years. In times of plenty the people found a way of preserving food for future use, like during winter and hard times.

Through my research I have come across many many recipes and methods of making sausage I would love to share. I will be reviewing recipes, methods of making Sausage, equipment to use and Sausages from different countries. You might be surprised at the variations Sausage making and cooking techniques I have come across in some of my research.

Follow me in this blog, and learn about Sausage making and recipes. Share your culinary delights and trade techniques and recipes with new friends and fellow Sausage makers, and with Sausage Making and Golden Recipes of the Ages.

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or email at: frank@thebestofsausage.com

If you get a chance send us some of your favorite recipes.

Have fun reading my blog. Frank


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