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Hello. Frank here. I am writing a review on sausage and I wanted to start off with a little history. Wow! I didn’t know what I was getting into here. Sausage making has been going on for over 2 thousand years—Amazing!!

Here in the United States we have over 200 varieties of sausage.


In Texas I grew up celebrating WurstFest every October in Newbraunfels Texas and October Fest in Dallas Texas. All across the state we celebrate the German Polka music and the many varities of sausage

with festivels, street dances,(yes we still close a section of down town streets to have our dances)and carnivals.

Ten Days of Sausage Beer and Dancing

Having Fun in Newbraunfels

At these festivals tons of sausage and thousands of gallons of beer are served as the oom–paw bans play their favoritie polkas, and dance all night long. The festivals usally run for 8 to 10 days and are all across the country. Try to make the next one if you can, the festivals are a lot of fun for the whole family and the varitie of sausage is endless.


Sausage making has been in practice for over a thousand years. Meats and fruits were cured and driedSome German favorites to help preserve them and to make it last longer. The plains indians here in Texas dried meat and made it into jerky. And sausage was developed to preserve meat, and fowl. along with curing and drying.

The word sausage comes from the Middle English sausige. Sausige came from the Latin word sal meaning salt.

Today, sausage-making has become an art. Thousands of different varities worldwide, developing from regional tastes and ingredient availability. Hot dogs are popular in the United States, sausage is the ultimate Finnish fast food, and seafood sausages are popular in Asia.


Grilling Those Favorite Bratwurst Sausages

Grilling Those Favorite Bratwurst Sausages

In the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council‘s report: Ball parks across the country will serve 22,435,400 hot dogs( Wow! that is a lot of dogs). The Ball Parks are expected to sell 5,161,370 sausages.

Foot-Long Hot Dog

Can’t beat foot-longs at the Ball Park

The United States alone consumes 6, again I repeat(an amazing), 6 BILLION pounds of sausage a year. Dinner sausage sales alone topped $1.89 BILLION, and Breakfast sausage and ham at more than $9 million in sales. And this love of sausages is World Wide, and has been enjoyed for over a thousand years.

I have tried to gather a few recipes and equipment to look at, and I will be adding to my blogs and posts, more recipes and supplies and some stories in the future.

Hange your "shingle" out and invite the neighbors, football season is here

Hange your “shingle” out and invite the neighbors, football season is here

To all my fellow sausage makers and connoisseurs — Bon Appetit

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