I find it quite interesting that blood sausage was made and eaten as far back as 850BC. Homer wrote about the love of grilled

sausages in the Odyssey.

The Roman army wouldn’t march without their little bottles of garum(a kind of fish sauce like the kind

made in Thailand) and strings of dried and smoked sausages.  Even the Romans loved their little sausages.

Sausage with garum was the food of choice for the Roman Centurin

Sausage with garum was the food of choice for the Roman Centurin

A cook book compiled around the 5th century and attributed to Apicius,( believed, to have been a Roman gourmet), has a recipe

of a small sausage containing blood, pine nuts, onion, hard boiled egg and leek. The Romans shared their taste for blood

pudding and other foods with every nation they conquered and all across Europe the recipes were adjusted to each region with

their own version of blood pudding and sausages. Blutwurst in Germany, blodpudding in Sweden and so on.

During the Medieval period in Eruope, sausage making blossomed and started to rapidly spread throughout region after region.

The spice trade brought exotic seasonings and different types of cooking to small populated communities and farm steads.

Vienna, Bologna, Frankfurt lent their names to some of the great sausages we still enjoy today.

The Romans in ancient times loved their alcohol. A sweet drink the Roman Soldiers were quite fond of was called Mulsum (Honeyed

Wine) that they brought to public places with them and really enjoyed the drink in the Public Baths. A simple mixture of honey

and red wine.

Dressed in their refinements and ready for their campaigns

Dressed in their refinements and ready for their campaigns

An ancient Roman Sausage Recipe called Lucanian was one of their favorites. Lucanian is still made today but a little

different recipe from Roman times. This is how they made Lucanian in Roman times from Nova.

The recipe calls for grinding pepper with cumin, savory, rue, parsley, condiments, bay berries and garum. Finely grind up the

meat and mix together and grind again. Mix with garum, peppercorns and plenty of fat and pine nuts; stuff in casings and then

smoke the sausages.

Just a couple of recipes I thought you would be interested in.


Probably around 200BC The Romans brought this sausage back from one of their campaigns in Lucania, located in Southern ItalyRoman Gladiators


With the German influence in this country October has become National Sausage Month. And no wonder. The German sausages have

become popular through out the US.

Here in my great state of Texas we have OktoberFest, and WurstFest. Two of the Nationally known festivals here in Texas that

draw numerous people from around the world. Thousands of pounds of sausage and hundreds of gallons of beer are served each year

at these events.


Our Native Indians were keen on preserving their buffalo and deer, rabbit, turkey, and antelope. They learned to dry meats and



fruits and make a form of sausage called Pemmican.

Pemmican primarily was made from lean meat dried and pounded into an almost powder like consistency. Sometimes using dried

cranberry, choke berry or some other dried fruit or berry to mix with the meat. After pounding, fat was mixed in and then the

whole mixture was stored in animal skins for future use.

Roman Centurions 31 BC


Some of the most famous books today will teach you start to finish how to make almost any kind of sausage, dried or cured meat.

We have recipes to make Indian style Pemmican, Jerky, dried and smoked meat and fish. A vegetarian sausage recipe is included

in almost every book on sausages.

Please don’t think making sausages is only for the outdoor man or hunter. Sausage is so easy and inexpensive to make. You can

make as little as a couple pounds for your own use or several pounds and smoke or dry it.

After a few pounds of sausage and a little hands on experience, start to experiment with different spices and herbs. Make your

[amazon asin= own recipe and impress friends and family with your master pieces.

Have a great time with your sausage making and please let us know how your recipes turn out.

Any questions or comments please contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate Profile page at: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/macey321

or email me at: frank@thebestofsausage.com

Thanks again for reading my blog and hope you enjoyed it.


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What is the tallest bird in North America? At 5 feet tall that would be one of the rarest birds we have here in Texas. Grus Americana(Whooping Crane) is listed on the Endangered Species List on June 6th, 1970. One of the most beautiful birds I have ever seen.

Looking for small shrimps at the Aransas Refuge

Looking for small shrimps at the Aransas Refuge


Take a look at this video of the mating dance of this pare of happy Whooping Cranes: http://youtu.be/XCHQ-CoqFdU Remember these Whooping Cranes are 5 feet tall. Watch the Male. He is working hard to impress his mate. These kids mate for life and normally they will live up to 24 years. If one Whooper passes on the other will accept another mate. These guys share the brooding chores as well. There is one or the other always on the nest; now that is dedication. How many humans share child care? Chicks are rust colored until about four months of age when their feathers start turning white. The chicks acquire their white color with black wing tips as they enter their first spring.

New Born trying out it's long legs

New Born trying out it’s long legs


Wood Buffalo National Park in northe rn Canadais the breeding grounds for the Whooping Crane. Wintering grounds for the Whooper is in Rockport on the Texas coast at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. September is the fall migration and in late March starts their long trip North back to Canada.


Migrating across North America in the 1800’s the Whooping Crane count was estimated to be about 1400 birds. By the late 1930’s, thanks to MAN’S over hunting and the decimation of wetlands habitat, the Aransas Whooping Crane population dwindled to a mear 18 adult birds.

These kids usually raise only one chick a year

These kids usually raise only one chick a year

Through a concerted effort to protect wetlands and the Whooping Cranes themselves the population is slowly starting to grow. In 1993 the population has grown to 112, not much but showing an increase. In 2002 an estimated 173 birds. Today a population exists in the Kissimmee Prairie of Florida, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge with the only migrating Whooping Cranes and a small captive-bred population in Wisconsin. To help out these beautiful birds please contact Wildlife Diversity Program at 1-800-792-1112×4644 or: mark.klym@tped.state.tx.us.


Whooping Cranes are protected in Canada, the United States, Mexico and are one of the rarest birds in North Americana. What are the greatest threats to our Whoopers? GUESS! Man and Man Made; power lines, habitat loss and hunting. We almost made this

Loss of habitat and hunting has dessimated this species

Loss of habitat and hunting has dessimated this species

species extent in the 1930’s because the high fashion industry had to have their feathers for their womens hats and adornments, and in fine restaurants of the period. We as “supposedly intelligent” people have killed these birds down to a population of only 18 adults. Look at us. We killed the Carrier Pigon until there were none left on this earth and we have been working hard to wipe out the Whoopers. AMAZING come back so far don’t you think? In spite of all our efforts the beautiful creatures are trying to make a come back. Take a look at this link. “Why is the Whooping Crane Endangered?” http://whoopers.usgs.gov/why.htm


Take a look at this link to The Famous American Buffalo( Bison Bison) Another beautiful animal found in North America. Read about the arrival of the American Buffalo slowly migrating south as far as Mexico and east to the Atlantic Coast, South to Florida. The most consintrated areas were on the plains from rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River and from Canada to Texas. This link (https://thebestofsausage.com/the-famous-american-buffalo) will take you to another story of one of our fantastic North American natives that have survived throughout the ages.
Take some time to read about our birds and animals and drop me a line.  If you would like more information or want to help contact USGS here:       http://whoopers.usgs.gov/why.htm         Love to hear from you.
Hope you enjoyed my blog. Best wishes………….Frank

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Frank and Ginny at the family reunion

Frank and Ginny at the family reunion


Bushnell, Wildgame innovations Trail Camera and the Moultrie No Glo Game Camera are all Wild Game Cameras made for the Outdoors man and nature enthusiast.


These infrared game cameras are used both day and night. The cameras are battery operated and operate on a movement sensor. Some of these take video as well as still pictures in High Deff. Great resolution with 8 and 10 pixels, with no glo flash and no sound from camera operation. Compact, light weight and camouflage makes these cameras almost invisible to wild game.


Set this camera up just before your hog or deer hunt and monitor your game activity around your feeder before your hunt starts. Battery lasts about a year and is set up to use a photo cell to recharge the batteries. Of course—BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED—can you imagine. There are some extras you can order with your camera. At a cost of around 125 on up a man can spend just about as much as he wanted to. But hey! At a cost of 150 a guy aint spending that much for a wild game camera. Hey, pick out that trophy buck before the season starts. You will have an edge on the rest of your buddies because you have been monitoring the deer movements before the season begins. If you haven’t used one of these cameras before you ought to try one out. You would be amazed at the activity you don’t see when you aren’t there. Especially at night.



Track your prey with the Bushnell digital game camera. This Bushnell game camera is loaded with features and is made to withstand extreme temperatures.

Bushnell Digital Game Camera, 2012 Trophy HD 8MP, Realtree AP Camo:–$185.25

8-megapixel resolution
Day/night auto sensor
Adjustable PIR or auto PIR
0.6-second trigger speed
Programmable trigger interval: 1 second to 60 minutes
Programmable Field Scan time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals of 1 to 60 minutes
Temperature range: -5 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
PIR sensor is motion activated to 45 feet
Bushnell HD camera operates for up to one year on a set of batteries
Adjustable web belt
SD card slot
Bushnell digital game camera model #119447C
Note: Memory card is not included. Purchase of an additional memory card is highly recommended.

The screen on the infrared flash masks the tell-tale glow nicely. Night-vision images look good. For the price, this camera is definitely a decent buy.


Take your hunting trips to a new level with the 8MP Wildgame Innovations Trail Camera. The camera features a 60PC high-intensity LED along with invisible array technology, making it a superior option for outdoor use. It also has infrared flash capabilities to catch images in low-light conditions. The front of the Elite Lights-Out Digital Game Camera features a camouflage design that helps it blend into the surroundings.
Wildgame Innovations Elite Lights-Out 8MP Trail Cam:

Lee and Tiffany 8 MP trail cam
Wi-fi digital trail camera features a 60PC high intensity LED
Real tree camouflage will make it invisible to wildlife
Wi-fi Trail Camera has infrared flash capabilities

All of these cameras are priced close together. But you can shop around and pay more or a little less depending on your taste and budget. Remember. For around 150 you aren’t really spending a lot of money for a motion sensor infrared wild game camera.

All of the reviews I saw were favorable but I did see some in the 3 and 4 range. I am sure there were some objections or problems with each of these products, so I encourage you to shop around. Don’t take my word for it. Look around and pick up one in your price range and take it out and have fun with it. These seem to be quality cameras and backed by a pretty good warranty. Think of the possibilities. A guy can set one of these cameras up any where, really! Back yard to monitor the pet or maybe the kids. Lots of possibilities. Set it up and have fun with it. Enjoy your camera and let me know what you think at frank@thebestofsausage.com

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An Invention That Changed The West

The Dutch were manufacturing and using cast metal cooking vessels for hundreds of years. The English called them casserole dishes.


In 1704 Abraham Darby saw a huge opportunity. He had foresight enough to travel to the Netherlands to learn the technique the Dutch were using to manufacture these casseroles.


I have to give it to this guy. When he got back four years later to England he patented a casting procedure similar to the Dutch. Then Darby started producing these cooking vessels for Britain and the new American Colonies. And the Dutch Oven was born.  The “Dutch Oven” name has stuck for over 300 years.

The cast iron cookware was loved by colonists and settlers alike. This cookware was so versatile you practical had a whole kitchen with you when you traveled. Baking a 10 pound roast, making soup, baking biscuits, cooking steaks, boiling potatoes, or making your favorite cobbler.

These ovens were so valuable they were added in persons will as part of the legacy passed down from generation to generation.
Mary Ball Washington had in her will, dated 20 May 1788 that her” iron kitchen furniture” should go to her grandson and the other half to her granddaughter.  Of course you well know this Grand Lady.  George Washington’s Grand Mother.

Lewis and Clark

The expedition of Lewis and Clark of the great American Northwest in 1804-1806 included in its gear a dutch oven.  Along with the pioneers venturing west carried their Cast Iron Ovens with them. These ovens are so versatile and loved by the pioneers and settlers that they have become a necessity throughout the migration westward.


Charles Goodnight invented the Chuck wagon and he supplied it with Dutch Ovens and cast iron cookware. Now Goodnight and his partner, Oliver Loving, made ready a massive cattle drive in 1866. These two guys knew where the money was. Goodnight got together 20 or 30

Goodnight's invention of the Chuckwagon

Goodnight’s invention of the Chuck wagon

cowboys to help him and Loving drive some of the meanest, ornery, Ferrell Longhorns Texas had from fort Belknap to Denver Colorado. Goodnight new driving 2000 head of mean feral Longhorn for 3 or 4 months that he was going to have to put together a way to feed these men. And the Chuck Wagon was born.


I couldn’t imagine trying to feed 30 people 3 meals a day without refrigeration for 4 months out of the back of a horse-drawn wagon? These guys were TOUGH. But hey They Tamed The West. Can you just imagine trying to cook up some biscuit, corn dodgers, roast, or black pudding, or frying up some of the Cowboy Caviar on an open fire out on the prairie with nothing but a Chuck wagon? Not me brother! I like to cook, but I like homely comforts as well.


The Dutch Oven helped tame the west.  They are cast iron and hardy, can’t hardly damage um, and will last forever.  Keep um clean of rust and wipe um down with a little bacon fat and these pots are ready to go.  These Dutch Ovens are still the favorite out-door cooking gear.  I use my Dutch Oven here at the house.  I have butane gas and all my cooking pots and frying pans are cast iron.  You just can’t beat um for even heating all around.  Once you get this pot to the temp you want, cut the fire down.  The whole pot or fry pan heats up, no hot spots like aluminum or copper.  Use um in the oven or on top of the stove.  Makes the best corm bread around, and cooks pot roast in half the time.  The Dutch Oven will give you the best tasting Peach Cobbler around.

I can’t say enough about my cast iron cook ware.  I love um and wouldn’t do with out um. You just can not beat the quality and durability of good cast iron cook ware.

Hope you enjoy my blog and I would love any comments you would like to add to The Dutch Oven story. frank@thebestofsausage.com

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Cattle ranching 1800’s. Cattle herds were gathered together every spring and fall to be branded and relieved of their man hood (castrated after having a number burned in their rump). The Texas Longhorns were rangy, meaner than a snake and their 10 foot horn spread could kill you in a second.



Castrating bull calves helped tame the animal and developed heaver muscling for market after grazing on the lush green plains. After a few months of grazing and putting on 4 or 5 hundred pounds they will be sent to market for processing.


After a couple days of wrangling these mainly wild animals it is time to have a rodeo and a little relaxation. Bar B Q, beer, dancing after the rodeo. A cowboys favorite food and today a popular delicacy is the Mountain Oyster, Calf Fries, Swinging Beef, Cowboy Caviar. This traditional food was served fresh after each round up by the rancher wives or the chuck wagon cook. Right along with one of the calves that were picked out for the Bar B Q. The traditional pinto beans, potatoes, and corn on the cob came right along with home made fresh baked bread and an assortment of pies and cakes. The outdoor Cowboy feast fit for king.





Here is a wonderful recipe for Calf Fries(Cowboy Caviar). Try this recipe out with some of your friends and family. Goes especially well with that family Bar B Q, or goes great with the out door turkey fryer. Serve as an appetizer or as an entree, Calf Fries are very versatile and will compliment almost any meal.
Check this link out for your out door turkey fryer. Great also for any steaming like a Louisiana Craw fish Boil. OUTDOOR TURKEY FRYER




Very simple recipe, but you’ll love it: Dip your frozen Cal fries in hot water for about 3 to 4 minutes. Pat um dry and trim the excess outer membrane. Now take these babies and cut um into bite size chunks. Pat um dry again and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dredge, or drag, in Cornmeal and press um down a little so the Cornmeal sticks and leave um alone for a few minutes before cooking. I let these guys stand a while so the coating will set good and the Cornmeal won’t flake off when you start to fry um up. Now you want to get out your heavy cast iron deep chicken frying skillet. Melt down 1/2 or so of Shortening. Now for those of you not quite old enough to know. Shortening is FAT. The best frying oil there is. NO PEANUT OIL, NO SO-CALLED BETTER FOR YOU SAYS BIG BROTHER VEGETABLE OIL. This is PURE, WHOLESOME, GOOD FOR YOU FAT, animal fat. Best for cakes pies and frying, ask any baker or gourmet cook or chef. Any way melt down some Shortening and get ready to fry. Fry um until they are brown but not over cooked, pull um out drain and pat dry. Hey guys mix these up with a batch of fresh from the yard scrambled eggs and have a feast.

“True Confessions Of Two Texas Cooks”

This cook book is written by Janel Franklin & Sue Vaughn. Written and Home Grown right here in my great state of TEXAS, WOW, what a treat. LAMESA should be proud.
I am a Texas licensed Auctioneer and picked this cook book up at an auction one day and fell in love with it. The book I have is printed in it’s third printing in 1986, but it is still in print and you can pick it up right here from Amazon. Click on this link here and it will take you right to it.  TEXAS COWBOY COOKING

Calf Fries to Caviar is a collection of recipes ranging from “down home” to “elegant gourmet” cooking.

Listen to some of these recipes:

SAUSAGE PINWHEELS                                                     



Just to name a few.

I don’t know how many recipes there are, but there are 280 pages of um, WOW, sounds like these girls did a lot of cooking.

I love old recipes and especially Texas recipes.
I have done a little research, not much, but a little about Sam Houston and what kind of food he and his men would eat out on their campaigns in 1836. Davy Crockett, Sam Houston and the Alamo. Really interesting reading. Mainly corn dodgers, honey bee hives when they could find them, game they could hunt and corn they got from the Indians. Sometimes beef, and occasionally shot their horses when they got desperate. Not very interesting eating out in the field.

These cook books are not expensive. The price range for most of these books is between 10 and 25 dollars. Hey they got Kindle books you can load as well. Follow the link for some great prices and sales.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in old time Texas recipes. These girls have put a lot of thought and planning into the recipes. They give simple step by step instructions on how even a beginner can lay out an elegant gourmet dinner. Quick cooking and cooking ahead treats and time saving meals to help a busy mom put together a large meal for family and guests on those special occasions.
Calf Fries to Caviar is truly a collection of down home Texas cooking at it’s best.

OK. Gotta run. Check out these books and let me know what you think. Let me know what you think of my blog as well.

Thanks a lot and enjoy……………Frank

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Why would I ever need to have an OUTDOOR DEEP TURKEY FRYER?

Do you have family and friends over for the weekend or on Holidays?

You could be the Talk Of The Town one weekend hosting a LOUSIANA CAJON FEAST.

Just think. With an OUT DOOR DEEP TURKEY FRYER you use it also as a steamer. Steam all your Crawdads(Lousiana MudBugs). Throw the rest of the vegetables in to steam. We use Garlic(whole garlic),Lemons, cauliflower, carrots, onions, red potatoes, cajon sausage, hot dogs for the kids, corn on the cob, large Gulf fresh shrimp and plenty of cajon spices and lots of cayenne pepper for a little extra taste.

Now after the appetizer we fire up the charcoal grill for alligator Shis K Bobs and a little home made etouffee. Get a whole 29 lb Ribeye Bonless Roast and cut 2 inch thick stakes and throw them on the grill and pull um off at about medium rare and smother um with your home made Etourree.

Be your own boss, fill that pot up. These fryers are something to really enjoy and have fun with. Clean up is easy. When you serve your feast, lay out a couple of folding tables covered with plent of New York News papers and spread everything on the table and call out—C O M E AND G E T I T!!!!! Frinds and family will brag about you for months. Like I said, you will be the TALK OF THE TOWN.
Put it together?? No big deal! Easy as pie. You only have a couple of connections to make and you are ready to go. Hoses are connected to the burner, Cooking Kit has the stock pot, basket, thermometer lid for the pot. The only thing you need is an open space and gas to hook up to the burner. Get the gas from your local Propane Supplier. He will be glad to help out with any other questions you might have.
Check out the reviews below and click on some of the links or pictures for a wide variety of styles.

The finest Cajon cook and story teller in Louisana.

The finest Cajon cook and story teller in Louisana.


Bayou Classic can easely be used for your 4 gallon out door deep fish fryer. This little fryer is propane fired and great for patio or back yard. Easy to set up, move around, and clean up. Bring that cat fish and start the fish fry or through in a turkey whole for frying in about 45 minutes. This fryer will even fry up a country ham or a nice leg of lamb.

Of course if you are into rattle snake hunting, well, this fryer can turn those babies into a delectible week end feast in a hurry. Rattle Snake hunts and Rattle Snake Fry are popular around Central Texas Carnivals every year. They catch um, milk um and then the final event—WE EAT UM!! Taylor Texas Jaycees have their Annual Rattle Snake Roundup in April every year and you ought to see how they handle these Snakes. Check out this link to see some of the Highlights of the Taylor Texas Rattle Snake Roundup:


The Bayou Outdoor Deep Fat Fryer(uh oh, I mean Vegetable Oil fryer, Geeeeeess what in the world are these Left Wing Liberals going to think up next)any way this baby comes with 2 stainless steel baskets for easy frying and handling. WOW! Double duty. Chicken on the left and fries on the right. COME AND GET IT!!

Follow this Bayou link to more Outdoor Deep Turkey Fryer.

Bayou Classic 4 Gallon Bayou Fryer with 2 Stainless Baskets

After a great night of running your trot lines and bring home your catch you are ready for the fish fry. With 2 baskets and 4 gallons of cooking oil it will not take long before you are serving up fried cat fish. That weekend fish fry with fried cat fish, french fries, home made coal slaw, and that keg of the finest Texas beer around.

The Finest Beer of Texas

The Finest Beer of Texas

With this fryer and friends and family around THE WEEK END IS ON. Dallas Cow Boys and Sunday Foot ball.

Let your imagination run wild. You can cook almost anything in this 4 gallon fryer. Turkey, chicken, fish, chicken fried steak almost anything, Oh yah, Diamond Back Rattle Snake PO Boys, German Potatoe Salad, and Red Cabbage. Oooooooh Sonnnnnnnn! Can’t beat Mama’s cooking and that Famous Southern Hospitality.


There has only been 2 reviews on the Bayou and both of them have been 5 star. The only regret is one was sorry he didn’t get the 9 gallon. I haven’t found any negative reviews so far.

I haven’t owned one of these models but I have used the propane turkey fryer and I love them. Same here, you can fry anything. Try frying a whole ham—–WOW—AMAZING!!! If you’ve never tried frying turkey or ham you are missing out. The frying locks in the internal juices and cooking is a fraction of the time it takes in the oven. What about Turkey dinner for Christmas Day, cooked in 45 minutes instead of all day long in the kitchen. 45 minutes opposed to about an hour per pound for a turkey, or same for the country style Ham, or through in a nice Leg of Lamb.




This thing is a little pricey at 332.00 but hey, when you have a group of guys over for the super bowl you don’t want to be tied down to cooking all day, do you? And look. FREE SHIPPING! Saved a bundle there at 70 pounds shipping weight. This store is even going to let you go without any payments or interest charges if you pay it off in 6 months, man you can’t beat that.

Look at the quality! Bayou Classic is still leading the pack in cooking equipment. They still lead the out door industry in turkey fryers, stockpots, grills and even the most sought after cast iron cookware. These guys are leaders and they know quality.

The Bayou Classic is built out of solid steel and is a surdy free-standing unit. Their idea of a V bottom basket help keep oil clean longer, which gives you more frying time between oil changes. This baby has 2 fry carts and comes with it’s own temperature gauge. Man! Some one had their thinking cap on here. Drain Valve. No more having to tip over the pot to drain the oil. This one has it’s own drain valve to make changing oil ten times easier. One more item needed is a 10 PSI regulator with stainless steel braided hose. Exactly what you need to connect to your propane bottle, and at no extra cost. They give it to you.

Go ahead guy’s, click on the picture check this thing out. Don’t take my word for it, check it out and tell me what you think.

I’ll do another review for you here.

Hey guy’s now here is what I am talking about. This is what I am used to frying in. True, it, is a little awkward to fry a lot of fish in. I like the Bayou Classic for frying lots of cat fish. But look at this Barbour International 32 quart kit. This is still made by Bayou Classic but a different design. Same quality and craft man ship.


At 32 quarts this stockpot will cook up a turkey in 45 minutes. WOW! Mama put our turkey in the oven on low heat and cooked it in an HEB bag all night long, and you are telling me you can cook a turkey in 45 minutes. NO WAY! YES WAY! I know. I’ve done it. No comparison turkey turned out great. No more roasting for me. Since we are talking about frying time let me tell you about the skewer set that changes the stockpot into a “gourmet chicken fryer”. Yea. This thing turns you into a gourmet cook frying up to 3 chickens in only 20 minutes. WOW, do you remember the mess Mama had frying up Sunday Fried Chicken on the stove? No more with this kit. It’s Big, it’s Bad, and it will fry anything you can get in it. The basket that comes with this unit will stand off the bottom giving you a steamer for seafood, dozen ears of corn on the cob, clams, or craw fish. Neat, huh?


OK. What do you get for 129.00? Lets see.

1. 32Qt stainless steel stockpot

2. Vented lid

3. Perforated steam/boil basket

4. 3-piece detachable skewer set

5. 12” thermometer 50-750 degrees Fahrenheit( no metrics or Celsius here, only good American Fahrenheit)

6. We have a 1 oz trial seasoning injector

I don’t see why they are giving you a trial injector. For this price there shouldn’t be a trial. And another thing. Where is the propane stove? This was another detractor I didn’t like. Why couldn’t they put every thing in one package? One stop shopping.

But hey. If you have one, then you don’t need one.

But any way check out my little reviews and let met know what you think email me at frank@thebestofsausage.com

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The Arrival of The Buffalo

The Buffalo arrived in North America by a land bridge from Asia to North American continents. Buffalo slowly migrated south as far as Mexico and east to the Atlantic Coast, south to Florida. The most consintrated areas were on the plains from rocky Mountains to the Mississippi River, and from Canada to Texas.

Lewis and Clark wrote in their journals in 1806 that the buffalo darkened the whole plains as they moved in mass through South Dakota’s White River.

The Male(Bull)

The North American Buffalo bull is an immense animal. The bulls can reach a weight of over 2000 lbs and stand about 6 feet high at the shoulders, with a massive head sporting two short horns and a huge hump on their back over their shoulders. The cows aren’t nearly as big as the Bulls. Supprisenly, with their size and small hind quarters, you would think these animals were slow and cumbersome. Actually these animals are extremely fast reaching speeds of up to 30 mph.

The Bigginning of The End

The smaller buffalo herds east of the Mississippi were gone by the 1800’s and the systematic slaughter of the plains herds started about 1830 as people started their westward migration. At this time the chief industry was buffalo hunting. Hunters killed for sport, food, and hides. Killing as many as 250 buffalo a day and leaving the majority to rot. This was done to desimate the herds to make the indians move off their land for settlers moving into the West.

Our Plains Indians

Our Plains Indians

The End of The Vast Buffalo Herds

We were very effective at dessimating the vast herds of Buffalo estimated at around 60 million living breathing animals. The herds North as well as the southern herds had been destroyed by 1883. See what I mean? Didn’t take us long!! In the United States and Canada there were less than 300 wild animals roaming the plains. 300!! What a shame these were the only wild animals left out of the millions and millions of animals destroyed in as short a period in our history of only about 50 years.

Congress Acted

1894. Congress woke up and passed a law making buffalo hunting in Yellowstone National Park illegal. Congress appropriated money to purchase 21 buffalo from private herds in 1902 to reintroduce to the Yellowstone National Park. With protection from hunting this herd today has reached 4000 in number.

The Return of The North American Buffalo

Today with many private herds the numbers of buffalo have increased to around 200,000. This is no where near the numbers of the Buffalo herds of the 17 and 1800’s. With this number, the Buffalo herds, are sustainable and insure the North American Buffalo will be with us for our next generation to enjoy.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Thanks for reading my blog about our wonderful North American Buffalo and a little of it’s history. Please leave a comment…………Thanks…..Frank

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The South. Texas. I was born and raised in Texas. I live in central Texas and we are Southerners and we Southerners have a very unique way of doing things.




“In being unique try some of our southern cooking. Some of the most famous recipes in the world come from the deep south and date back past the 1800’s. Over the years German influence and their great sausage and smoked meat recipes have been passed down through the ages. Sausages have been made and eaten as far back as 850 BC and are still cherished today.

People came to these Southern regions from all over the world and from all walks of life. Each and every one of these people have brought their own special cooking styles,smoking recipes and their very own unique way of smoking and curing meat and sausage. As all these different people’s have melded together and refined their new styles of cooking and developing new spices and recipes for the south. Their way of cooking is called “Southern Cooking”. Each region of the South has its own unique dishes and flavors.


The English had no idea what corn was until Our American Indians taught these European Settlers how to grow, harvest, and cook the corn. The native Indians again came to their rescue when they started teaching the settlers how to build a smoke house and the technique of smoking and making pimmican.

They also learned to dry meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. The Spanish of course had lent their influence to the region by bringing pigs with their explorers in the 1500’s. Pork sausage quickly became a favorite dish along with smoked ham and pork jerky.


And a side note. Due to the Spanish bringing their pigs to Texas and the import of the Russian Boar we here in Texas are over run with feral pigs and wild boar cross. These Feral Pigs are destructive to the land they are on and in particular they are causing BILLIONS of dollars of damage to our farm and ranch land.

The FERAL PIG is an invasive species growing to 200 pounds and more and there is no limit or license to hunt these animals here. The sows average 7 baby pigs per litter and have 2&1/2 litters a year. A sow will come in estrus at about 5 months and continually breed the rest of her life.


Well. Back to a little of our heritage. Africans. In their voyages to the new world they brought some of their food items with them. Water melon, known the world over and especially here in Texas. We are one of the biggest producers of watermelon in the country. Of course here in my great state of Texas we are pretty big on every thing. eggplant, collard greens, and okra were brought here around the 1600’s. French and Haitian immigrants mixed with the Spanish settlers down in the Louisiana area and now we have “Cajun” influence. Cajun influence is well-recognized for their distinctive style of cooking and their unique dialect and accent.


French settlers in Nova Scotia were driven out by the British in early 1755. Acadians, as they were called originally, made their way to Louisiana.



Catfish, and “mud-bugs” as they are sometimes called(craw fish) are cooked up in different ways depending on the region. Fried Catfish and Craw fish boils are popular all across Louisiana and are served as one of the staple diets in the area.


Hey guy’s. Don’t forget Texas’s spicy “Tex-Mex” cooking since Mexico is just about a 3 day drive to the border, actually anywhere you want to go to get out of Texas takes about 3 days of driving. We eat a lot of “Mes-kin” food here in Texas. And don’t forget our great German Influence either. WurstFest and OktoberFest every year around the month of October. Our Festivals last about 10 days and serve thousands of pounds of sausage and hundreds of gallons of German and local home-brew. All night street dancing with German and Check bands coming from around the country, and some making the trip from overseas. These bands come to entertain the public and also enter events for trophies and cash prizes. Take the time to investigate some of these activities and events, you will have a blast.


Soul Food. After the American Civil War, if you have a hard time remembering, this was 1861 to 1865, African-American cuisine was dubbed Soul Food. The first African-American known to have written a cookbook was Abby Fisher. “What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking” published in 1881 and has numerous old-fashioned simple recipes for the time. Mrs. Fisher is one of the first ladies ever in history to document recipes from her family and several friends and relatives.


FRIED CHICKEN. Main staple for Southern Sunday Cooking.

Black eyed peas, grits, turnips, collard greens are all Southern-grown vegetables. Nothing beats Grand Ma’s thick hot Crackling Corn Bread and Pinto Beans(Red Beans).
Every other Sunday or so the family went to Grand Ma’s house for Home made Fried Chicken and Hand Cranked Ice Cream for desert. First we had to catch the fryer, then we had to pluck the fryer then Grand Ma took over and started frying. Always had a great day for Sunday after noon after church at Grand Ma’s house. I really miss those yester years.


Let us not forget about our wonderful Southern Deserts. First and Foremost comes banana “Puddin”, and then Chess pie, sweet potato pie, pecan pie, key lime pie, and that wonderful Southern favorite—WATER MELON, which by the way is the most popular melon in the United States, and Texas is one of the BIGGEST growers.



This DELECTABLE DELIGHT came to us straight from Southern Africa around 1700–1800’s and has spread all over the United States. Here in Texas we grow “um” big and ELGIN(pronounced southern way ELGUN)is the WATERMELON CAPITAL OF THE WORLD. (Told ya, every thing is big in my great state of TEXAS. We have a watermelon “THUMP” every year in the summer when watermelons are just ripe for the picking. Come visit us any time and try out the biggest melons grown, THE FAMOUS BLACK DIAMOND grown right here in TEXAS.


Fruit Cakes. Nothing better than our Southern Traditional Fruit Cakes at Christmas(that’s right little liberal, we are in the Bible Belt here and we still call it CHRIST–MAS and still believe in Jesus Christ) and Easter. Besides our own home-made fruit cakes the leading producer in the industry is the Claxton Fruitcake company in Georgia. Claxton sells more than 200 tons of fruitcake each year.


Ham is still the traditional main course for the Holidays both for Christmas and Easter. The south is known for our famous country ham or pork shoulder preserved with salt or sugar, smoked and aged for a year or more. Our cured and smoked hams are shipped all over the world today. The quality of our pork products are well-known and respected throughout the country.


There is nothing in this world like Southern Hospitality. We still believe in saying “Yes Mam or No Mam” and being courteous. We are independent here in the South and still do not want “BIG BROTHER” interfering in our lives. Big Brother works for us, We Do Not Work For Him!!!!

I enjoyed writing a little about Southern Living and Cooking here and I hope you will enjoy reading my blog. Have a Blessed day and hug a Vet.


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Sausage making at it’s best! Making your own sausage. I’ll tell you now that you will never go back to the grocer to purchase sausage again. Once you start making your own sausage and find out how

Our Plains Indians

Our Plains Indians

easy it really is you will never want to buy commercial made sausage.

Using a quality sausage making meat grinder and with good sausage making supplies to work with ,you, will have control over the quality and the meat and spices used in the sausage. No more of these weird named ingredients that takes a chemicle degree to decipher.

Advantages of having a meat grinder

The advantage of having your own sausage making meat grinder is, of course, making your own sausage and grinding hamburger and chili meat. Make healthy choices with ground turkey and chicken using your own

Wonderful home made smoked sausages, with just the right special recipe

Wonderful home made smoked sausages, with just the right special recipe

equipment and ingredients. Saving money on the food bill is always a plus along with eating more healthy foods.

Today I am going to give a breif review of a couple of grinders and equipment needed to grind and make your own sausage.

This little machine looks like a power house! 3000Watts of Peak Output Power, 600 Watts of no load power, and between 800 Watts and 1200 Watts of Power under a grinding load. Man, talk about power. This machine also has 3 speeds, 3 cutting blades,3 grinding plates, Kubbe Attachment and Sausage Stuffing Tubes. Just the setup for home sausage making.

This unit come standard with size No. 12 Grinding Head, the Big Boy here, not this puney little No. 8 or No.5 like most home kitchen machines. And the blades are stainless steel and the grinding head is made of 100% polished Food Grade Cast Aluminum( Not Coated)

The STX 3000 has sold over 80,000 units in the last 7 years. Got to be pretty good for this kind of sales.

By W.C. White–This is a great product. It surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend it for any home use. Have fun in the kitchen.

By Santo Costa–I have used a hand grinder for the past 60+ years, to make 100lbs of sausage 2 times a year to be shared with all the family.

I have had at least 3 other electric grinders that could not handle that much meat, all at one time. This new grinder did an outstanding job, and did it in less than half the time.

By Laura Cusumano–I wish I’d purchased this grinder 10 years ago. I’ve been grinding my own meat for 40 years and never would spend a little more to get a quality grinder. Well my cheap one finally gave out and after I purchased this one I am first realizing what a difficult time I’d been having with the amateurish one I’d used for so long! Highly recommended and priced well.

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

Frank here enjoying the sausage and festivities

By Kathy Widmer–I you want to grind a small amount on an occasional basis it will probably work for you. If you have ever used a “real” meat grinder you won’t be happy with this grinder. The best I can say is that it is better than a hand grinder, but not by much.

By Daily Walker–We purchased this product to grind up chicken necks for dog food. We do 30 pound batches and our old grinder was on its last legs after years of service. This grinder had more power and good reviews for dog food so we purchased it. The first time we used it it froze up after a few chicken necks. We messed around with it for a while but it kept freezing up. We went back to our old grinder and finished the batch. I called customer service and they were very helpful and recommended that we use the largest grinding plate. We had used the medium plate because it was the size of the plate on our old grinder. The next time we did a batch we tried it again following their suggestions and even with the larger plate it kept freezing up.
We gave up on this product it just doesn’t handle chicken necks like our old, cheaper grinder.

Ok here are 2 for and 2 against. But on Amazon I think there 321 reviews, so, check some more out before you turn loose of any of your money.


Now here is a Waring model No. 105
This Waring Pro Professional Meat Grinder lets you make your own sausage and ground meats, using fresh, top-quality ingredients you choose yourself. The sturdy die-cast metal hopper and powerful 500-peak input watt motor let you achieve professional results right at home. Fine, medium and coarse cutting plates and 2 sausage attachments give you plenty of options. And a single on/off toggle switch with a handy reverse function makes operation as simple as it gets. Comes with a limited five year motor warranty.

This is a pretty good machine and is handy around the kitchen for any grinding job. Check out Amazon reviews here and also look at some of the supplies for your sausage making fun. Amazon has a complete line of sausage supplies, including pre mixed spices, casings, and several books on sausage making, meat curing, and recipes to choose from.

Have fun with your sausage making. With this equipment make 10 pounds for a couple day’s use or 100 pounds for future use. Clean up is easy and grinding is fast and easy.

Hey. Along with these couple of meat grinders I am going to write a short review on a book I bought.  This book is HOME SAUSAGE MAKING by Susan Mahnke Peery & Charles G. Reavis. 3Rd edition.
How-to Techniques for Making and Enjoying 100 Sausages at Home.  A very good how to book. Remember, though, this is not written like Agatha Christie’s, Hercule Poirot, or Angela Lansbury’s, Murder She Wrote.

This book is a very, very good How To Book with explicit detail and accompanying sketches and drawings.

The book is good but I have to say that it is written like a novel because it does become pretty long and a little tedious at times. I found it a Little hard to keep reading. Informative and a great reference guide. And the recipes! 100 recipes of sausages from across the world and a lot of them are old world favorites.

Part one of this 274 page How to Book is The Techniques used in making and cooking sausages. Yes this book even tells us how the best way to cook some of your fantastic creations. Part one also goes over the equipment and ingredients to use.  After you follow this guide and get a little experience grinding and making your own sausages then naturally you will want to addjust techniques and recipes to fit your own needs.  This book, like I have said, is a guide.  Use it to learn with and then set it aside as your reference guide.

Part 2—Sausages.

Pork, Beef, Lamb, Game, Combination, you name it. Hey for the vegetarian. There is even recipes and how to in making your own vegetarian sausages, isn’t that great. Information today for those who like vegetarian meals and without all those preservatives and ODD chemicals added “FOR OUR PROTECTION?” Brought to you by our beloved BIG BROTHER!

Back to the Part 3 of this book.

Cooking With Sausages.

OK! Talk about family morning tradition. Two eggs over easy with a side of sausage.

Patty or link, the sausage, is as versatile as the egg for breakfast or brunch. The recipes in this article combine sausages with eggs in omelets, starring in quiches, mixes in pancakes ,and, don’t forget about suppertime.  The meals you can make with sausage is virtually endless.  Sausage is one of those meats that go with almost any dish or cooked in a slow cooker or in cassarols.  There are so many sausage recipes from around the world that you just can’t name them all. 

Show off your sausage making skills with your very own combinations of herbs and spices at a weekend brunch with all your family and friends. They will be thoroughly impressed with your new skills in sausage making and new cooking techniques.  Through some of those home made “bangers” on the grill and listen to your friends and family rave about them.

The recipes here in Part 3 are simply endless. How about Norwegian Omelet, or Sausage Omelet, a recipe for Hollandaise Sauce, Sausages and Apple Pancake Roll-ups. Let your imagination go. Like I said, the recipes are endless here.


The Appendix includes conversions of measurements. Actually I don’t see why we even have Metric here. This is America and we use our own standerd weights and measures, we are NOT EUROPE and why does our beloved BIG BROTHER think we need to be? The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA says it all—WE ARE NUMBER O N E. Not number 2 after Europe. BIG BROTHER needs to rethink his position.

Sorry, Sorry, I get a little carried away, I guess I am still a little old fashion, I still love America, especially TEXAS.

But any way we have resources and an Index here as well.

Honestly, for a how to book I don’t think you can beat it. I love mine and I love these new recipes.

Good luck with your sausage making and have some fun with your new recipes. And remember: you know what you put into the sausage you make–not like BIG BROTHER and his mystery ingredients for our “safety and protection”?

Let me know what you think of my review and I hope you enjoy the rest of my blogs on the subject of THE BEST OF SAUSAGES. Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

Good luck in your sausage making.

 Have a Great day Frank

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Sausage made easy, the family fun way is really a family event. Mom Dad and kids get to know how to make sausage.e>

After a weekend deer hunt everybody gets together in the kitchen and helps grind and add the seasoning to their mixture getting it ready for the Alaska smoke house.


Getting your meat ready for the wood smoke house takes a little preparation beforehand. First thing is to chill the meat in the freezer for about 30 minutes. You don’t want to freeze the

meat. Get the meat chilled so you can start trimming and cutting the meat into manageable chunks. Along with the meat you need to chill your utensils and pans for safety purposes.
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


OK. We have all the meat trimmed and ready to grind. When grinding and seasoning, use the medium, blade first for a course grind. After grinding add your seasonings and regrind using the medium blade, which is about a ¼ inch cut.


I tell you what I like to do. I have my dry seasoning already made up and ready to add. Then I

Making sausage is a lot easyer than you think

Making your own home made Smoked Sausage

do a little experiment. First I add all my seasoning making sure it is all mixed in along with a cup or two of cold water. Add more water if it seems dry, but, you don’t need much.

After I have everything mixed properly and ground for a second time, I take a little bit to fry up and hand it out to all to get their comments about taste and texture. Some times I may run my mixture through the fine blade to get a little finer cut.


Using the proper size of casings for your sausage, soak, the casings in cold water

The Brits Love-Um

The Brits Love-Um

beforehand. I think it is best to use a hand stuffer. The electric stuffer can work you to death if you are not careful. Some men swear by the electric, but, if you are not doing a volume of sausage stuffing I would stick with the hand stuffer. I always feel like I am in a little more control.


There are several different kinds of smokers and smoke houses. I built my own smoke house out of lumber I had around the place. You can buy BBQ pits with smokers on them and you can buy smokers by themselves. There are propane, electric, char coal, and wood fired. Take your pick and use the one that is best for you

Our Plains Indians

Our Plains Indians

Always smoke about 4 to 5 hours with a good pecan, or mesquite wood. What ever wood you like, Oak is good, and there are a dozen others.

Happy smoking and be sure to send us your thoughts on this site.



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